Sunup Solar Achieves 10x Outbound Reach

Sunup Solar is a California-based one-stop partner for solar solutions, providing homeowners across the US with cost-effective solar energy solutions. With a customer-centric approach and years of experience in the industry, Sunup Solar is highly rated and renowned for its exceptional service.

However, their legacy phone systems couldn't meet their sales call objectives, and CEO Ray Polanco needed a phone system that could supercharge their processes. By implementing JustCall, a cloud-based phone solution, Sunup Solar was able to significantly boost its sales operations, with favorite features including predictive, multi-line dialing, sales automation, and the JustCall API.

Discover how by using JustCall, Sunup Solar now books 20 appointments every day and has increased its outbound sales reach by 10x without having to hire more staff. 

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