The Assembler’s Guide to Energy Efficient Industrial Enclosure Climate Control Solutions

The modern business environment has transformed energy efficiency from a luxury sought after by so-called “green businesses” into a necessity for all operations that need to find ways to reduce energy usage — and energy costs — without hurting productivity. Tightening budgets demand that organizations do more with less.

At the same time, sensitive electronics and drives are often placed inside enclosures to protect them from the rugged environments they are deployed in. Depending on the surrounding temperature and other ambient conditions, it is imperative that these enclosures be cooled to help ensure the proper performance of installed components and avoid heat-related downtime.

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit efficiency-focused research organization, in industrial settings, “there are abundant opportunities to save…60% of the energy and cost[s] in areas such as heating [and] cooling.” This whitepaper will discuss tips for cooling enclosures that can reduce energy consumption and save money.  

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