The Bigger Picture of the Big Picture

The digital age has brought about an explosion in potential marketing connections. Retailers have over 28 billion opportunities to interact with their audiences. That’s how many devices currently connect to the internet. And the number grows every instant. With all these possibilities and data, the challenge has become coordinating them to create unique personal experiences without drowning in a sea of variables, versions, channels, audience segments, and devices.

Find out how to integrate them all in the new e-book from Adobe and Microsoft, The Bigger Picture of the Big Picture: Creating a Fully Connected Retail Business. It lays out a powerful network of familiar Adobe tools for closer connection and coordination between all your data-gathering, analytical, targeting, messaging, and execution functions. You’ll see how to:

  • Implement a fully integrated system that addresses your specific needs and pain points across customer acquisition, marketing and design, CRM, commerce, and revenue management.
  • Improve your operating margins and other key performance indicators, such as faster time to market and improved creative efficiencies.
  • Combine and streamline un-siloed data science into seamless cross-channel customer service and marketing.
  • Create authentic personalization for buyer experiences to target the modern consumer.

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