The Complete Checklist

When to use Aqua Trivy vs Aqua Enterprise

Aqua Trivy is an open source vulnerability scanner that is widely used as a default scanner across organizations and projects. It is a great way to get started with cloud native security.

But how do you know when open source is no longer going to be a viable solution? And when is vulnerability scanning itself not enough for your cloud native compliance and security needs? 

In this guide, you will find a checklist to help understand when Aqua Trivy is an ideal solution, and when Aqua Enterprise is the right solution for your team. There are great benefits to both options. Open source is generally a great way to get started and familiarize yourself with cloud native security, but Aqua Enterprise will significantly lower management overhead and cover a broader range of use cases, including full lifecycle vulnerability management.  

Check out the guide and find out for yourself!

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