The currency of trust: Protecting a customer-centric banking world – Episode 1

Discover how banks can capitalize on trust in a digital world. A customer-banking world is built on trust. And security ensures that trust is maintained by protecting your customer-centric strategies. 




Watch Episode 2 On Demand: Can you and your Customers Bank on Trust in a Digital World? Find out:

• What measures should banks be taking in the current digital environment? 

• About topics such as fraud, identity, theft, and deep fake threats. 

• What does a new digital ecosystem in banking that is conducive to trust and CX look like? 

Fortinet Speakers: 

Ricardo Ferreira,  EMEA CISO,  Fortinet 

Sherelle Farrington,  Security Solutions Manager,  Fortinet 

Patrick Grillo,  Sr. Director, Security Strategy,  Fortinet 

Guest Speakers: 

George Briford,  Associate Research,  IDC Director 

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