The future of finance is upskilled

Top lessons from PwC’s finance transformation

Finance practitioners don't need to be data scientists, but they will need to know how to use a data scientist’s lens. For companies going through digital transformation, employees will need to know how to read, use and tell stories with data, and use automation to drive informed decision-making and more strategic work. In other words, they will need to become digitally fluent. Digital upskilling can take the guesswork out of how to get there––and we've got the proof. 

Starting with a survey of our own leadership on their pain points with internal processes, we identified our finance function as the logical starting point.

Read Lessons from PwC's finance function transformation to learn:


  • What we did to update our models, training and processes to help drive results
  • How you can save thousands of hours and spreadsheets with digital upskilling
  • How upskilling actually made our employees happier -Why investing in finance function upskilling is a future-proof tactic
  • How ProEdge can take the guesswork out of function-specific upskilling and help you transform your finance function 

The future of finance function is upskilled, automated and filled with digitally fluent employees. With its customized learning pathways and expansive library, ProEdge can empower your people, upskill your entire organization and help keep it ahead of the evolving demands of the digital world.

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