The Perfect Storm: Why MDR is Your Only Option in Modern Cybersecurity

Covid, work from home, and bring-your-own-device have expanded our threat envelopes 1000X. Attacks with cheap hacking kits are up 40%. Most IT teams don’t even know about 10-20% of the devices their companies are using.

To protect themselves from this maelstrom of risk, most companies have 20-50 different and conflicting cybersecurity tools, which Gartner says makes them less secure, not more. In fact, 90% of breaches occur thanks to misconfigured or unpatched software.

That’s what we’re calling the perfect storm. But MDR can shelter your organization.

Download this report to get insight on:

  • How fast real-world problems are growing
  • Why attack surface area is spiking
  • Why everything is now cloud (even on-prem)
  • Why tools aren’t the answer by themselves
  • How the most successful organizations are now protecting themselves

Request The Perfect Storm white paper to prepare your team (and your leadership) for implementing the future of cybersecurity software and service.

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