The PICO™ System for cesarean surgery: Protecting time to bond

C-sections account for around 30% of all American births, making the procedure relatively commonplace. But what may be less well known is that 60% of these procedures happen under emergency conditions – conditions which then raise the risks of complications to 24%. And patients themselves can also present risk factors: 49% of women with a pre-pregnancy BMI of 30 or greater experience C-section wound complications.

The numbers are alarming, but they can’t tell the whole story: When complications occur, they can extend the mother’s hospital stay, increase discomfort and reduce mobility – all of which can significantly impact mother-baby bonding.

This document outlines how the PICO System can help these patients. It’s been shown to reduce the incidence of SSIs by 50% in women with BMIs of 30 or greater following C-sections compared with standard dressings, which can enable early mother-baby bonding and prompt discharge and has a positive impact on the patient’s emotional well-being.

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