The State of Zero Trust Transformation, 2023

Enterprises worldwide are racing to speed up innovation while becoming more agile and competitive. To do that while securing users, workloads, and devices in modern environments, IT leaders agree they need to rethink legacy networking and security approaches. The answer is a zero trust architecture.

Most IT leaders already have a zero trust security strategy in place, or in planning. However, only 22% are “very confident” their organization is using cloud infrastructure to its full potential. This tells us enterprises need to widen their lens to see the wealth of transformation opportunities zero trust supports beyond security: empowering hybrid workers, fostering emerging technologies like IoT/OT and 5G, and so much more.

Read our report to learn what 1,900 senior decision-makers around the globe had to say about how their zero trust deployments are progressing, the impacts of hybrid work and emerging technologies, and more. You’ll also find out:

  • How zero trust transformation is progressing worldwide, with quantitative and qualitative insights across geographies
  • Which technologies and initiatives are projected to be top priorities by 2025, including 5G and cloud-based OT/ICS access
  • What’s holding enterprises back from taking full advantage of the cloud, from privacy concerns to poor user experience
  • Where to start, and steps you can take to successfully enable greater agility, efficiency, and innovation with zero trust

Download the full report for a closer look at the progress of zero trust in today’s enterprises—and how you can stay a step ahead as you accelerate your own digital transformation.

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