The Ultimate Guide to Store Operations: How Data Drives Greatness, From Leadership to Associates

The important role data plays in the modern retail store can’t be overstated, but equally important is applying the insights from all that information to key stakeholders: shoppers, associates, store managers and leadership. While all these parties can benefit from data-driven efforts, each needs to have certain insights applied in certain ways.

Utilizing data to help the right person in the right way, such as driving personalization for a valued customer or training an associate in a manner that best suits their learning style, is what sets a great store apart from the competition. Retailers have spent years building up the capability to understand their stores on a deep level, and now is the time to apply it.

The Ultimate Guide to Store Operations includes strategies for applying data to all stakeholders, including:

  • Enhancing the customer experience with improved checkout options and digital signage;
  • Communicating with associates to maximize the potential of training and communication;
  • Helping managers fine-tune operations, from staffing levels to inventory positioning; and
  • Enabling leaders to understand the big picture with an eye toward granular details.

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