The Wild West of Internet of Things

In recent years, the terms “omnichannel,” “cross channel” and “multichannel” have evolved as hot button terms for marketers striving to drive connections with the modern consumer. As our framwork for channels and devices continues to broaden, so, too, does the strategy and technology stack needed to deliver the right content, in the right palce, at the right time. 

Now, just as marketers are starting to get a handle on the major channels of Web, social and mobile devices – in combination with the traditional realm of catalog, direct mail and in-store – the Internet of Things (IoT) rears its disruptive head. Gartner predicts that there will be 26 smart objects for every human being on the earth by 2020. Soon enough, many of our foremerly “dumb” devices will be connected to the Internet, each other and us. As if Big Data wasn't “big” enough, we are facing a world where data is going to be captured from refrigerators, shoes, and even produce on a grocery shelf. 

Moreover, the laws that govern information security, collection and management have yet to take shape, turning data into marketing currency and leaving brands to decide whether to play it safe of strike out into new territory. How, then, do marketers deliver impactful messages in this Wild West of connected things?

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