Don’t Let Cookie Deprecation Put Your Cusomter Experience at Risk

Are you reliant on third-party cookies to track website visitors and support personalisation? If so, then the new and evolving privacy laws and regulations restricting the use of cookies will significantly impact your digital marketing. 

With major browsers starting to block third-party trackers, what can you do to personalise experiences, optimise advertising, or manage customer journeys across channels and over time? 

Introducing First-party Digital Identity Management, a Teradata and Celebrus partnered solution to intelligently identify and collect data from every customer interaction. This is a new generation digital identification methodology that will empower you with a deeper understanding of your customers, allowing you to drive optimal customer experiences with real-time decisioning. 

Download this brochure to explore what First-party Digital Identity Management has in store for you: 

  • Maintain identification across all touchpoints and devices, over time 
  • Eliminate gaps in data collection to answer any question and deliver enhanced CX 
  • Ensure data compliance and security 
  • Collect granular data on all user interactions 
  • Activate data in real time to drive personalised experience 

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