Tolerance StackUps 501 Master Class

Tolerance Stack-Ups are a vital component of any engineer’s workflow, to ensure successful mechanical design fit. But successful engineers in demanding industries such as medical, aerospace, and automotive, need to rely on data to do more than this. They need data to improve real design outcomes beyond “guess and check” — to improve design understanding and to better forecast predictive design metrics. 

In this webinar in partnership with, Fictiv Sr. Technical Applications Engineer, David Cagle will walk you through how to take your design process to the next level, through RSS tolerance stack up analysis, teaching you how to evaluate if you need to focus or improve your tolerancing using a risk-based CPK approach. 

You will walk away with answers to the following questions:

  • How do I decide what my tolerance should be? 
  • How do I decide if the dimension is critical? 
  • What is CPK? 
  • How do I use risk-based decision making in my design to also incorporate predictive design strategy? 
  • Should I engineer this… or should I avoid it? 

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