trategies for Boosting Employee Well-Being While Supporting Your Bottom Line

As an organizational leader, it can be difficult to choose between decisions that are good for business and those that are good for your people–especially during uncertain times. But when it comes to employee benefits, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Download this guide and learn how to improve your employees’ well-being to help boost productivity and your bottom line.


Today’s employees, especially younger generations, want holistic support for their overall health and well-being.* They’re seeking ways to stay healthy and safeguard their income and savings.** Employers can help meet these needs by offering ancillary benefits like dental, vision, life and disability coverage, which address both physical and financial health.

Download this white paper and learn about:

  • What are ancillary benefits
  • Why ancillary benefits are more important than ever
  • The ROI of helping your employees stay healthy
  • 3 ways to alleviate employee financial stress to help boost productivity
  • 6 steps to design a winning ancillary benefits program

* Howe, Neil. “How the Millennial Generation Is Transforming Employee Benefits.” Benefits Quarterly, second quarter 2014, 

** Howe, “How the Millennial Generation is Transforming Employee Benefits.”

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