What Makes a Wellness Program Effective? The Answers From Employees Will Surprise You.

Do you know if your employees are satisfied with their benefits? The question is more important than you may think. A survey of nearly 2,000 employees uncovered exactly what motivates them to be their best. For starters, employee engagement is higher at companies where people are satisfied with the health and well-being benefits their employers provide.

The national study by Limeade, an employee engagement platform, and Quantum Workplace, a leader in workplace survey and employee-feedback technology, uncovers employee perceptions of 31 benefits in six areas of total health and well-being: financial health, emotional health and stress management, nutrition, physical fitness, physical health, and work-life balance.

The report provides rich insight into:

  •     The health and wellness benefits employees want most vs. the benefits employers actually provide
  •     The one thing that disengages employees more than lack of benefits
  •     Benefit preferences by age, gender and position level
  •     Ten areas of opportunity for improving your benefit offerings and increasing employee engagement


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