When it comes to banking risk models, speed is a strategy

t takes time to manage risk responsibly in a constantly shifting landscape. But your customers and business demand a real-time, streamlined user experience, starting with the instant fulfillment they see everywhere on their phones. And customers aren’t the only ones stepping up the pace: Accelerated fraud, regulatory, credit, operational, climate, and other risks are also driving rapid change. It’s already common to use AI and machine learning for exponentially faster risk management procedures. The question is: How do you quickly build new models and systems stay ahead of evolving threats?

Read the new white paper from SAS and Microsoft, “Outrunning risk in the cloud,” to find out how banks are now quickly developing and deploying risk models to address existing and emerging threats while also establishing centralized control, integrated workflow management, and ready-built IP. The bottom line: faster and more sophisticated risk calculations.

In a quick seven-minute read, you’ll see how to:

  • Achieve real-time risk assessment that keeps up with accelerating risks.
  • Transition from back-office risk management to frontline risk insights.
  • Make risk models more transparent, accessible, and explainable.
  • Optimize integration points between your analytics solutions and cloud environment.
  • Keep the focus on governance and regulation.

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