White Paper: Accelerating Multi-Access Edge Cloud and IoT for Smart Nation

This white paper addresses the opportunity for the acceleration of IoT deployment supported by Singapore’s first IoT-as-a-Service (IoTaaS) platform developed by SPTel. It also discusses the benefits of integrating IoT with Edge Computing via pervasive hubs around the island and how users can leverage this advantage that is unique to SPTel.

The paper highlights the use cases of IoT supported by Edge Computing, explores the areas where it will benefit organizations and clarifies how SPTel’s network and digital services proposition can help in the development of a Smart Nation.

This white paper will be of value to Architects, IoT Enthusiasts and other decision makers working in the ICT domain looking to deploy new or integrate existing IoT solutions in a wide range of smart city use cases like smart facility management, Industry 4.0, Smart Surveillance and more.

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