White Paper: Oncology Landscape: More Demand, Demands More

Oncology is on everyone’s radar, thanks to the steady stream of scientific breakthroughs. New advances in personalized medicine and targeted therapies are drawing significant investment and research into this space.


According to IQVIA’s Global Oncology Trends 2019 report, in late-stage oncology R&D, 711 companies are active, including a significant number of emerging biopharma companies, who now account for a larger proportion of the development pipeline than ever before. And this growth shows no signs of stopping. The report predicts that U.S. spending on oncology therapeutic medicines will increase by 11–14% over the next five years.

Pharma companies that can deliver these innovative new oncology drugs to market have the potential to generate significant revenue streams. However, the complexities of the oncology landscape, and growing competition mean their success hinges on more than creating groundbreaking drugs. Increased R&D efforts across tumor types leads to a number of new mechanisms of action (MOAs), varying individualized therapies, and rapid innovations. Compounded with accelerated approvals, and a rapidly changing launch environment, pharma companies face myriad challenges securing uptake of their products.

To win the support of regulators, payers, providers, and patients, they need sophisticated marketing and sales strategies that are based on real-time data, account customer-centric models, and insights-driven dynamics designed to meet the needs of customers at the point of treatment decision-making and beyond. 

Download the White Paper to learn more. 

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