Wow Service

Customer service is all about getting the right answer to the right people at the right time. But with customers reaching out via a seemingly endless array of channels, your task can feel daunting. Don’t let the complexity of the digital age fool you: top-tier customer service is still founded on solid relationships and trust.

Customers are more engaged with brands than even before. To be successful, organizations must interact with the consumer where they are: online and on their level.

Microsoft reached out to some notable customer service leaders to make Wow Service, an eBook that outlines the tenets of great customer service in the digital age. In it, you’ll find illuminating success stories, primers on social engagement and KPIs, best practices for product feedback, and more.

Get the Wow Service eBook and learn what companies like LEGO, Hootsuite, and LinkedIn are doing to turn customer service stories into customer service legends.

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